• Concrete Polishing & Coating

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    Brighter, More Durable, Reflective, Beautiful…Polished Concrete

    Polished concrete, introduced in the 90′s, can revitalize cold, gray concrete to deliver a vibrant, reflective, durable surface. As a result of polishing, porous concrete is transformed into a dense surface resistant to water, oil and other contaminants.

    Polishing can enhance reflectivity by 30%, resulting in a brighter space.  Free of coatings, sealers and waxes, a polished concrete surfaces is virtually maintenance-free.

    Polishing concrete strengthens it dramatically.  Impact and abrasion resistance increases by as much as 400%.  Dusting problems are eliminated and in its place a surface with a beautiful decorative finish which is virtually maintenance free.  Have you noticed how many big-box stores have eliminated unfinished concrete “sidewalk” appearance concrete in favor of a polished appearance?  It wasn’t for appearance but rather to reduce dusting.  Make your building easier to keep clean, while adding a lasting value adding polished surface.