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    Want more TRAFFIC in your store?  Want to reduce your training costs while boosting average tickets?  How would you like a line that is supported with its own local sales people who are actively sending customers into your store every day!  How about support which includes the ability for your customers to talk to an industry expert right from your aisle via the first ever bi-directional retail display!  Displays capable of turning your stone-tile-and-grout line into a strong impulse buy with solid repeat traffic.  MARBLELIFE is the only manufacturer that can deliver the full package because we are the only manufacture that actively services the market as well.

    MARBLELIFE, Inc. has been manufacturing stone care products for use by its service providers for more than 10 years. Tested daily by over 150 stone craftsman in the field. These products not only perform consistently but have MARBLELIFE, Inc. standing behind them.

    • Solid gross margins
    • Industry leading service
    • Broadest Line in the Industy
    • Effective Eye-Catching Packaging
    • Beautiful Displays
    • Bi-directional expertise hot line direct from your aisle
    • Digital Flat Screen Advertising Displays
    • Best After Sale Service in the Business

    If your customer calls indicating the product you recommended is is not performing as expected what does your current supplier do today?MARBLELIFE will send a local stone craftsman to the customers location to review their particular situation to assess whether this is the result of a product, application or stone situation.  If a stone situation MARBLELIFE will recommend the appropriate service required.MARBLELIFE’s products perform day-in and day-out, however we recognize that from time-to-time a customer may purchase a product designed for one purpose and expect it to address another problem, such as purchasing a cleaner to remove a spot etch.  We want a happy repeat customer as such we endeavor to insure that each customer understands what their stone needs, and the best product or service to achieve their desired outcome.This means no more complaints from customer seeking to clean a floor dulled by wear requiring stone restoration. MARBLELIFE, Inc. will educate the customer offering them solutions to their problems in order to work with you to develop long-term goodwill.

    If this is the type company you want to represent or have standing behind you, you owe it to yourself to give MARBLELIFE a call at 407-302-9297.